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News Health Benefits of Swimming
Health Benefits of Swimming

Time to Cool Off

At Precision, we love a good swim, and we love to install pools that are safe and fun to swim in. But swimming pools and spas aren’t just good for fun, swimming and spa time are also great for your health! Today, we’re going to detail some health benefits of swimming and some ways you can optimize your swim time for your best life and health.
Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming

A Good Workout

Swimming is a full-body workout that uses the muscles of the legs, back, and arms in repetitive motions against the resistance of the water. Swimming increases heart and lung capacity while improving breath control. This has a positive effect on other workouts as swimming improves stamina.

Better Mobility

Swimming is excellent for a good stretch as well as keeping one’s joints in good condition. This improves other aspects of physical maintenance and fitness, like mobility, balance, and flexibility. We recommend having a stretch before you swim so you don’t overextend yourself.

Swimming is Versatile

Swimming can be many things. You decide if you want a low-impact exercise, an endurance test, or anything in between. You can swim against a current, swim slowly, swim quickly, and use easy or difficult strokes. You can swim in a pool, a lake, the ocean, a dam, and more. Make sure to abide by our safety reminders below.

Lap Pool

Lap Pool Design

Swimming is Accessible

Swimming is accessible to children, the elderly, the injured, the disabled, and more. Water exercises and hydrotherapy are excellent aspects of care and recovery. Spending time in the water helps build or rebuild muscle tone, mobility, and coordination while remaining low-impact and supporting joints. Spas can be built for accessibility to all wishing for relaxation.

Spa Pool Combo

Spa Pool Combo

Swimming is Fun

Swimming is a great way to alleviate stress and have a little fun. Or a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love jumping into cool water on a hot day? Especially in your very own professionally built, professionally installed pool. A spa can be built to your specifications, providing relaxation, pain relief, and greater mental wellbeing.

Swim Safely

Swimming can’t be healthy if it’s dangerous! Stay aware of water safety procedures and follow them at all times.

  • Children should NEVER be left unattended near a swimming pool or water feature. Be careful of pets as well.
  • Be sure to cover your pool when not in use to protect people, animals, and debris from falling in.
  • Monitor chemical levels in your pool to prevent imbalances.
  • Only swim in locations approved for swimming, and never dive anywhere that is not designated safe for diving. Don’t swim anywhere with conditions too difficult for your skill level and pay attention to any signs.

Jump Right In

Connect with us today to discover the joys of having your own swimmer’s paradise. We use only the best building materials and hire only dedicated professionals to build and install pools and spas so our clients can enjoy the health benefits of swimming and the good feelings that go with them.