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Costs Maintenance: The Real Cost of a Swimming Pool?
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What Does a Swimming Pool *Actually* Cost to Maintain? 

There are costs of maintaining a pool that are easy to forget or overlook. Here we cover some of the materials, time, and costs of maintaining a pool that you might have missed. Of course, your results will vary, but this will give you a general picture. As always, call us up and we’ll work up an accurate quote for you.   

A quick search online and you find estimates place the annual cost of owning a swimming pool at $3,000 to $5,000, some websites place it at anywhere between $4,000 to $12,000 a year, maybe more. The numbers are so inconsistent, we wanted to help define what goes into maintaining a pool annually. 

There are costs associated with opening a pool, closing a pool, insurance, cleaning, repairs, and then some things you can’t predict. If you stay regular with maintenance, it is relatively predicable in the scope of budget. Whether you do the work yourself or have a professional maintain your pool, its important to know where the costs come from. 

Common Swimming Pool Costs 

Every pool and its surroundings are different, but there are some consistent factors to consider when planning maintenance costs for a swimming pool. We’ve placed them into three categories: materials, expenses, and time.   

Pool Maintenance CostsMaterials for Maintaining a Pool 

There are lot of physical materials you’ll need to factor in to an estimate for a swimming pool. Some of these are: 

  • Pool covers are a sound investment to protect your pool from weather and outside contaminants, and to protect humans and wildlife from your pool. Every pool we maintain needs to have a safety cover and if properly maintained it will last you many years. 
  • A startup kit. We are bundling a pool net, vacuum brush, and test kit into this category because every pool we build comes with one of everything you need to get started.
  • Filters, whether sand filters, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth filters  
  • Electricity to run items like swimming pool pumps and heaters  
  • Chemicals like algae killers, chlorine and/or bromine, and stain or oil removers, which need to be added at proper intervals. Balance them right, and you won’t need to spend more to correct them. 
  • Liability insurance – it may not be a tangible item, but proper coverage is essential for swimming pool owners to have coverage on their home owners plan. 

Expenses of Maintaining a Pool 

Swimming pool cost varies according to the type of pool, what it’s used for, and frequency of use. Here are some things to take into account when calculating expenses for your swimming pool:   

  • Indoor pools versus outdoor pools: Indoor pools are much easier to maintain as they are not exposed to weather and outdoor debris or even the sun which reduces cleaning and chemicals. 
  • Pool size: Are you getting a small spa or hot tub, a “spool” hybrid, or an Olympic-sized swimming pool with deep end and diving boards?   
  • Pool design: A rectangular tiled pool will be less complex to clean and maintain than an irregularly-shaped lagoon with rocks and vegetation. Add on features like fountains or waterfalls and it changes what we need to maintain.     
  • Quality of your pool technicians: You might pay less for a low-paid, minimally-experienced pool technician, but you can’t be sure they fully understand the construction materials, chemistry, plumbing, and electricity needed to keep your pool clean, beautiful, and above all, safe.   

Time for Pool Maintenance 

Some elements of pool maintenance can be done in minutes, some take time. Some need to be done frequently, some every few months, and some pool maintenance tasks only need to happen once a year. Many you can do yourself; but some need a professional. These are some types of pool maintenance work to include in a time estimate: 

  • Opening & Closing – Annually the pool needs to be opened and prepped for winter properly. 
  • Draining the pool – If you maintain your pool, you might not need to drain it completely for years. Never leave a pool drained in our climate over the winter. If something happens and maintenance work does need to happen, draining the pool takes up a lot of time. 
  • Check the chemicals. This is the shortest most valuable time spent with your pool. Testing the pool chemistry on a regular basis will keep you pool balanced and your wallet happy. 
  • Backwashes are still a thing with sand filters. Taking the time to properly maintain the filter is a weekly task you don’t want to miss. 
  • Cleaning the pool’s surface regularly will keep you from needing to fix stains with harsher chemicals later.
  • Skimming the pool to remove surface debris, which should be done at least weekly. If you are surrounded by trees, this turns into your daily routine. 

Adding It All Up 

We are a full-service pool construction, installation, and maintenance company. Contact us today for a quote specially tailored for your pool. We’ll help you build a maintenance plan for your swimming pool maintenance needs and budget.   

When choosing a company for your swimming pool maintenance, look for a business with a track record of good reviews. Look for people who take pride in their work, who don’t cut corners, and who notice and correct small issues before they can grow.