Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment

In-Ground Pool Equipment

Your Precision Pool and Spa wouldn’t be complete without a full line-up of high quality pumps, filters, heaters, cleaning systems and lighting options. We install only superior quality pool equipment products, backed by a manufactures warranty, designed to save you money, save you time and save the planet.

During the design and installation of your new swimming pool and spa our well trained team will recommend and install the equipment needed to efficiently operate your pool. We will also offer state-of-the-art digital controllers and other enhancements which allow you to maintain control of your pool and spa from anywhere.

Pumps & Water Filtration

Every pool and spa requires a pool pump and water filtration system. We prefer variable speed pumps because they conserve energy, water and operate with less noise.  At Precision Pool and Spa we only install pumps which are equipped with an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) which is a safety valve that automatically shuts the pump off if a blockage is detected. This safety valve complies with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Pool Heaters

Every Precision Pool and Spa includes a high-performance heating system.  Our heating systems are known for their remarkable energy efficiency.  These heating systems swiftly increase the temperature of your pool and spa water, giving you more opportunities to enjoy your pool.  During the design phase we will recommend the system that will best extend your swim season according to the size of your swimming pool and spa. All fuel types are available.

We proudly install Pentair heating products.

Water Sanitation System

If you prefer to use less chlorine, an UV Light water sanitizer system might be right for you. This optional system reduces the total chlorine residual needed to sanitize the pool. It also reduced bacteria, viruses, fungus, and algae without the use of additional chemicals. Many customers choose this type of sanitation system to reduce the use of chemicals, which is often more comfortable for friends and family with sensitive skin or those swimmers with fur.

System Automation

Full service automation ScreenLogic®2 is available for your convenience. This one-touch system allows you to program, set-up and control your pool and spa equipment   from anywhere, including your vacation or the office.  Simply use the wireless mobile app or desktop control panel on your computer to adjust the temperature settings, chemical feed, lights, pumps and so much more. This convenient system allows you to efficiently view the history of the system and make changes as necessary. Controlling your system from afar gives you more control and greater energy efficiency. For example, you can use ScreenLogic2® to increase the temperature of your hot tub just before you return home or keep an eye on your system remotely while traveling for business.

Automatic Cleaning System

In-floor cleaning systems keep your pool swim ready without spending much time cleaning it! We a cleaning system that is engineered specifically for your pool, taking into consideration your pool’s shape, steps, benches and spa. During the design phase a drawing is created to determine the exact number and location of cleaning nozzles needed. Throughout the pool and spa rotating nozzles work together to systematically sweep the pool to the main drain and filtration system. When the cleaning system is complete the nozzles automatically retract into the shell of the pool where they are hardly visible. Nozzles are available in several colors to match the plaster finish of your pool.  There are no unsightly hoses associated with the cleaning system and you can enjoy your pool while the cleaning system is working.

An added benefit of the in-floor cleaning system is its advanced water circulation. The increased water flow improves the efficiency of the heating system and reduces the use of chemicals.

We proudly install Paramount cleaning systems.

Custom Pool Lighting

Set the mood by illuminating your pool with an LED light show! We use a color changing lighting system on our Pool and Spa designs. You can set your pool to one of several color choices or you can create an ambiance by choosing one of the many synchronized light shows. It’s easy to set your LED light sequence according to your mood. Entertain your friends with a quickly changing color sequence to get the party started or capture a romantic evening with a soothing and relaxing color transition pattern.

We proudly install Pentair lighting products.

Chlorine Feeder

Using automatic chemical feeders systems increase the efficiency of your pool systems and reduce chemical use. All of our pools and spas include a freestanding chlorine feeder. Our system is completely enclosed, to reduce chemical fumes and uses slow dissolving tablets. This convenient system reliably feeds the designated amount of chlorine to your pool for your convenience. Maintaining proper chemical balance is essential. As a valued Precision Pool and Spa customer will teach you how to care for your pool.  If you have questions please give us a call.  If you prefer to schedule regular maintenance service appointments from our professional team we can do that, too..

Winter Pool Cover

All Precision Pool and Spa installations include a custom safety cover to protect your pool and spa through the winter months. Mid to late summer, our service team will measure your pool. We’ll take into account any special features such as waterfalls, rock walls, a raised spa, and planters to get an accurate measurement. At your pool closing appoint in the fall, we will install your fitted safety cover. It’s easy, accurate and custom. There are a few exceptions when a safety cover is not available. If your pool is the rare exception we will discuss your options prior to installing your pool.

Water Filler

Maintaining the pool and spa water level is important. For your convenience we offer an automatic water filling and leveling system. This system prevents damage to your equipment by automatically increasing water level if it falls below the selected level and reducing the water level in the event that the pool water becomes too high.