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We’re Always Up for a Pool!

We’re going to spoil this article right away by saying that Precision Pool and Spa plans and installs pools all year round. Even in Rochester, NY, we are building gunite pools 12 months out of the year. That being said, our outdoor pool construction is subject to weather and it slows down in February. If we were waiting around to build pools, we would tell you that there are more enjoyable times to build. As it stands, we have a current project list of pools we are constructing and can give you an estimate of when we can start on your pool based on when you commit to the project.

Pool Planning and InstallationThe Best Time to Start Planning

Planning a pool during winter and into early spring is a good idea – we’d say February at the latest – because weather brings us inside more to talk over options. Pools are large, time-consuming projects with lots of variables in play, and taking the time to make decisions before we get to the next phase will help to move the project along that much smoother.

Benefits Before the Thaw

  • When that first thaw kicks in, we are moving twice as fast. By the time the snow is gone completely we are fully engaged in the construction process. Planning during the cold months gives you enough time for everything to go smoothly so we can move quicker to make it happen.
  • You’ll get a better place in builders’ schedules during the spring, if we already had the project underway going into the cold season.
  • By planning during early winter we can make that pool happen the upcoming season.
  • Mud is worse than snow.

The Best Season for Installing Your Pool

Just for a reality check, depending on the scope of your project, the construction of your pool will probably take multiple seasons. If we have a wet spring, it makes it difficult to get heavy equipment in place to dig, so many times we will get started while the ground is frozen. If you ask us when our favorite time is to construct pools, we love working in the fall. Autumn conditions make it more enjoyable to do the labor involved with construction. The ground is dry and the air is cooler, making it easier for us to spray concrete all day without filling your pool with sweat.

Autumn Benefits:

  • Everything is better – digging, pouring, and curing.
  • Dry ground is predictable and allows us to move quicker.
  • Wearing a full suit and a mask while in the bottom of a pool, throwing gunite at 3,000 psi is exhausting and the season offers an ounce of relief.

Upstate NY Pool Planning?

If you want your pool to be ready for summer, talk to us the fall before and commit before winter hits. Let us have a solid design and plan ready before spring arrives.

Things to Do First

To help make your project go smoothly, there are some things you can do before you start planning your pool or spa in earnest.

  • We recommend putting serious budget and thought into landscaping and how you want to use your yard, not just the pool. We have worked with many landscaping companies around Rochester and ironically their schedule is more limited by weather than ours.
  • Think about the structures you want. Lighting, plants, steps, ramps, fences, and more all need to be planned for.
  • Collect things you do and do not like and save those images for our discussions. It helps us build a visual for your upcoming design.

Precision for Perfection

The right time to ask us questions about planning and installing a pool is always YESTERDAY. Waiting for an ideal season isn’t an actual thing because the one thing we can’t control is the weather. Knowing what decisions have to be put in motion, we can get to your project sooner, if you let us start planning yesterday.