Pool Openings and Closings

Pool Openings and Closings


Our in-house team is ready to open or close your pool. We take a lot of care in making sure every pool is ready for the upcoming season so you don’t have to. If you want us to manage your in-ground pool or spa opening or closing, it’s important to get you on our schedule before the season arrives. Every year, we open and close hundreds of pools around the Rochester, Syracuse, and Finger Lakes region. While each pool is different, we take pride in our consistency and making this process as smooth as possible.


Pool Openings


You do not need to be present for us to open the pool, but we do need access to the site, the pool, and the equipment.

Site Access
  • Provide access to the pool and yard.
  • Share any gate or security codes if you do not plan on being there.
  • Secure pets indoors.
Equipment Access

Before we arrive, some items need to be accessible. We know pool equipment can end up in the back corner of a shed or garage, so make sure we can get to that equipment easily before the day arrives. Climbing over your patio furniture, lawn mower, or holiday ornaments to get to your equipment will not make things go smoothly and we may need to reschedule. 

  • Pool cover bag
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Instructions for storage
  • Autocover switch access

Leave the bag for your pool cover accessible so we can properly stow the cover after we remove it. The team will look for this as soon as they arrive. The pool cover can be bulky, so if you want it put back into a specific spot, please identify that as well. 


If power has been shut off, make sure we have access to turn that back on – this means access to the electrical panel or somebody who can confirm the presence of an operating electrical circuit. This is important not only for the pool pump, but for the autocover and other services relating to the pool.

Water will need to be turned back on. It is not often we need to enter a house to turn water back on, unless you have had it turned off at a source for some reason (i.e., a summer home that gets completely winterized).

Opening Steps

  • Remove, clean, and store the pool cover.
  • Remove any floating debris from the cover and water surface.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool surface.
  • Disperse direct liquid chlorine.
  • Inspect electrical service, filters, skimmers, drains, ladders, plugs, gauges, and other important components of the system.
  • Install new gauges and components as needed.
  • Lubricate fittings, valves, o-rings, and plugs.
  • Check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly.
  • Set water to autofill (if available).
  • Prime and start pool pump.
  • Inspect tile and grout installations.
  • Schedule pump for opening and 24-hour cleaning.
Pool Opening

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