In-ground Pool Cost

In-ground Pool Cost

How Much Does An In-ground Pool Cost?

One of the reasons so many families choose Precision Pool and Spa is our commitment to straightforward pricing. We spend the time understanding the water features and enhancements you are looking for and provide you with a cost estimate at the time of your complimentary consultation. You will quickly notice that you are only charged for the pool design enhancements you are looking for and many standard items are included in the base price.


We spent a lot of time in the pool industry to learn one thing. If you want to be the best at something, focus on that one thing. That is why we only design GUNITE pools. If you are looking for pricing on fiberglass or even above ground pools, we are probably not the pool builder you are looking for.

Starting Costs

To build a custom designed gunite pool the price starts around $60,000 and can go upward over several hundred thousand dollars.¬†Because we custom design pools of any shape, any size, with any number of features, it isn’t possible to know how much your pool will actually cost without talking to you first, getting an idea of your goals, looking at the site, and providing an estimate.

Influencing Factors

There are a number of factors that influence the cost of a pool design. Certainly when we talk about size and complexity of the pool, people understand that size impacts material cost, which impacts labor cost, which impacts the pool cost. There are also a number of factors we need to identify when we are in the research phase.


Where the pool will go will impact more than just how big the hole has to be. The logistics of getting the equipment into the area to dig the hole, where the dirt will go while we dig the hole, and what is under the hole are some of the variables that we deal with. Other things to think about could be where the septic system, how far away from utilities are we to run electric and gas and water, or even whether or not the site has been setup for proper drainage.


Putting costs to features is a little more straight forward, but really defines the scale of the project. Some features we build into every pool. Everything from fire pits to waterfalls to diving rocks to automatic covers go into our design proposal after sitting down to see what you’re needs are.


We help quote and design your backyard transformation, and landscaping is a large factor on that.

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