Installing a Gunite Pool and Spa

What is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement and water that is applied pneumatically to a reinforced steel frame to create a solid structure.  It’s the solid structure which forms the shell of a Precision Pool and Spa.  For decades gunite has been used to create in-ground swimming pools and spas, including New York and the Northeast. It is the number one choice for commercial swimming pools and many residential swimming pool customers choose gunite for its unparalleled strength.

Our History is as Strong as Gunite

We’ve been working with gunite for over 20 years and have found it to be an amazing material. Two main reasons it’s so popular is its durability and design possibilities. Our craftsmen are focused on building Precision quality in-ground swimming pools –that’s why we choose gunite.  There are many phases involved in building a superior gunite pool.  We start by meeting with you to learn about the elements you are looking for in your pool or spa.  There are many styles, upgrades, and special features to choose from so this phase is very exciting!

Excavation and Construction

Once you’ve decided on the final design we will begin the excavation phase.  We really dig gunite pools—we mean it, we really do!  We enjoy watching the amazing transformation from the blank, undisturbed earth, to the vast opening which later becomes your unique pool and spa.  This phase begins by marking the outline of pool on the ground.  An excavation crew swiftly removes the soil and the construction phase begins.  In this phase, Precision Pool and Spa professionals will assemble a metal rebar frame and install the plumbing.

Gunite Pool Installation

The next phase is the most impressive—it’s the gunite phase! Most homeowners invite their neighbors to watch as a heavy coating of gunite is sprayed on the metal frame. During this process you’ll begin to notice Precision Quality. Our team will trowel every inch of the pool and spa, by hand.  Our experienced team meticulously smoothes the gunite which builds an outstanding foundation. The smooth gunite surface is almost ready for the final and most beautiful finishing touch—the plaster.  But, before the plaster can be applied, the coping, in other words, the edge of the pool, will be crafted.  At this time, the masonry and stone work is built and the decking around the pool is completed.   At last it is time to “finish” the gunite pool.

Our Finishing Touch Makes the Difference

The final phase includes applying a plaster, also known as the “finish.”   This process is completed in one day. The plaster is blown onto the gunite shell by the experienced Precision team. Meanwhile, Precision Pool and Spa craftsmen smooth the surface.  By smoothing the service, the aggregates and eye-catching colors of the finish will illuminate.

Enjoy your Swimming Pool

At last, it is time to add water and learn how to care for your new gunite pool, including the state-of-the-art equipment. The professionals at Precision Pool and Spa are available throughout each phase of the swimming pool installation process to answer your questions and celebrate the excitement of your custom pool.


In-ground Pool Warranty

Ask about our Lifetime Gunite Shell Warranty.