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News In-ground Spa Winter Guide

There’s something special about owning an in-ground spa and having it available in the winter. That hot water is therapeutic and being able to enjoy it all winter is something that changes the entire approach to the season.

Making sure your in-ground spa or spool is ready for winter enjoyment is an important part of ownership. A few minutes and a few easy steps can ensure your spa is in top condition for years to come. Winter is the time of year when frigid temperatures and freezing pipes can do real damage for owners who are not prepared.

Have a Plan

Waiting for the power to go out in -10 degree weather is not the time to test whether or not you can keep your spa running in an emergency. Make sure you write down the plan, have an emergency contact, and know where all the resources are before you go away. We came up with a few of our top things to look for when making a good plan to maintain your spa all winter.

Check Your Backup Generator

If you have a whole house generator, which we always recommend, make sure it is ready for the season. If your spa was installed after the generator, or if you have specific circuits that receive emergency power, be sure that your electrician has set up the spa as part of the necessary running items.

Above 65 Degrees In-ground Spa Winter Guide Diagram

If you are using your spa in the winter, most people keep temperatures over 90 degrees. However, if you plan to lower the spa temperature for a period of time, do not go below 65 degrees. In the case of a real emergency, having the temperature warm enough to be able to react is as important as having an emergency plan.

24 Hour Pump Schedule

Your spa pump should be running continuously for 24 hours, especially when the temperature drops below freezing. We schedule a pump reset and system shutdown only one minute per day. This is where most people get in trouble as they adjust the schedule on days where the temperature is moderate, but forget to reset it back before the freeze. Keep that same schedule all winter.

Check Your Cover

The main direction for heat loss in an in-ground spa is UP. Keep that cover installed when not in use. Be sure to inspect the cover every Spring to make sure it’s ready for the next season. That will give you time to repair or replace anything necessary before the cold season arrives again.

Maintain Water Level

Automatic water fillers are typically turned off in the winter, because they will freeze when not in use. Check to make sure your water level is above the filter line, and that you can fill it up easily when needed.