Canandaigua Lake View Spa

Canandaigua Lake View Spa

Perfect View of Canandaigua

The Project: Give us the ultimate view of the lake with the comfort to appreciate it all year round. 

The Escape: A spa just off the main house and outdoor kitchen area is the perfect retreat to warm up after a jump in the lake. This project was close to a renovation, as the new owners of this property walked into this half finished spa project that never had the vision it deserved. We cleaned up the mess, rebuilt the dream, and provided the escape they needed. After coordinating with the lighting and landscaping, this project turned out absolutely perfect.

Automated Spa with Lake Views

The Details

Infinity Spa and Waterfall

Automated Controls

Lighting Managment

Design Features


Designing an infinity spa is almost as much fun as a pool when it’s on the lake.  From above, it looks like a spa with a waterfall along the entire edge.  At water level, the scene goes on to the horizon. The waterfall drops into a catch basin which collects the leaves and debrief into the filter.  The edge of the infinity pool has to be precise as it is what keeps the water flowing evenly across the entire surface.

Under Water Lighting

Lights under the pool surface make it even more enjoyable to come out after sunset, removing the surface and producing an enjoyable glow for on everything it finds. Coordinating the lighting controls with an app that lets the owner set the scene from anywhere, is amazing.

Spa Equipment Features

Automatic Fill Canister

Utilizing an automatic fill canister, you never have to refill your own pool water again. The system is buried parallel to the pool surface and incorporates a float system that matched the level of your spa all summer. When your water drops low, the connected water line is opened from a valve and water enters the spa.  It is a mechanical system with no electronics without incurring costs to maintain a perfect water level. The system gets winterized before the freezing temperatures hit, so the spa can be run all winter long. 

Spa Heater

Spas need heat. Dialing in your temperature should be quick and easy and now you can do it from your mobile app before you put a toe in the water. With a titanium immersed heating element, these heaters have reached an incredible 96% thermal efficiency.