Suburban Oasis

Suburban Oasis

The Place to Escape

The Project: We need a place to start fresh, to escape the surrounding world around us including our own house which is still be renovated. 

The Escape: Transform the entire back yard into a space where we can live and play. With a top priority is making sure the princess castle can see the entire yard, we set out to build the perfect escape. The family is in the middle of a heavy renovation, relocated themselves into the basement, so building this project not only gave them something to escape to, became ultimately the MAIN space for outdoor time. 

The Fun Parts

Custom designed inground gunite pool with integrated spa

Custom waterall rock grotto for noise and ambiance

Lounge chair area captures the most sun exposure

Outdoor Living Space

Access from Princess Castle

Automated Controls

Lighting Management

Pool & Spa Details

Finish: Wet Edge Signature Series – Tahoe Satin

Tile: Avalun Marine & Marine Deco  – Classic Pool Tile & Stone

Pump: Pentair Intelliflo XF vsf

Filter: Pentair TR100 Filter & Paramount Eco-friendly Ultra UV

Heater: Pentair MasterTemp 400 Natural Gas

Lighting: Pentair Intellibrite 5G underwater LED color changing lights

Pentair Automatic Fill Canister
Pentair Rainbow 300 Chlorinator

Paramount Cyclean In-floor Cleaning System

Pentair EasyTouch
Pentair Screenlogic Automation Control

Design Features

Waterfall with Natural Rocks

The waterfall becomes an instant focal piece in this design. Using only real stone and controlling the flow path of the water we are able to create a perfect scene that can be repeated any time you need it.

Spillway Spa

Designing a spa that overflows into the pool creates a serene feature that connects the two bodies of water together. With a touch of the remote app, you can add waterfall sounds close to the spa, helping to push back the noises of civilization that can creep into our special space.

Under Water Lighting

Lights under the pool surface make it even more enjoyable to come out after sunset, removing the surface and producing an enjoyable glow for on everything it finds. We can run everything from an app that allows control of the lighting colors and status. Intellibrite LED lights have changed what is possible for pool lighting.

Floor Cleaning Automated

Having a the floor cleaning system gives everybody a head start on keeping this pool perfect. Like a well synchronized orchestra spread throughout the pool, the in-floor jets rotate a cycle of water pressure, keeping debrief off the surface and headed into the filters. This is the Cyclean system from Paramount Pool & Spa Systems which has really made pool cleaning effortless.

Convenience Features

Automatic Fill Canister

Utilizing an automatic fill canister, you never have to refill your own pool water again. The system is buried parallel to the pool surface and incorporates a float system that matched the level of your spa all summer. When your water drops low, the connected water line is opened from a valve and water enters the spa.  It is a mechanical system with no electronics without incurring costs to maintain a perfect water level. The system gets winterized before the freezing temperatures hit, so the spa can be run all winter long. 

Spa Heater / Pool Heater

Spas need heat. Dialing in your temperature should be quick and easy and now you can do it from your mobile app before you put a toe in the water. With a titanium immersed heating element, these heaters have reached an incredible 96% thermal efficiency. Every pool we build gets a heater because it makes the season that much longer.