The Pool Gathering

The Pool Gathering

The Gathering Spot

The Project: Kids are growing up too fast. We need a place to corral them all together, become the neighborhood spot for entertainment, hold the parties after the sports events, survive graduations in years to come reset and do it all again tomorrow. 

The Escape: A clean design pool with a freeform layout that doesn’t take over the entire yard. An entire side for steps to bring people into the pool, with a deep end and jumping spot for all of the cannonball contests to follow. 

The Place to Play

  • Custom Designed Pool
  • Easy Transition Step Entry
  • Jumping Stone
  • Deep End Sitting Ledge
  • Underwater Lighting

The Details

Pentair Automatic Fill Canister
Pentair SD80 Sand Dollar Filter, w/2″ Hybrid Valve
Pentair MasterTemp 250k BTU heater
Pentair Automatic Fill Canister
Pentair Intellibrite 5G underwater LED color changing lights
Paramount Eco-friendly Ultra UV
Pentair Rainbow 300 Chlorinator

Design Features

Balanced Access

When designing a pool that we knew was going to entertain generations of kids and the neighborhood, we wanted something that would balance the traffic. Something where you could get into thepool from any side, you could relax around any side, and you could have full viewing access of the entire pool from the house.

Under Water Lighting

Lights under the pool surface make it even more enjoyable to come out after sunset, removing the surface and producing an enjoyable glow for on everything it finds.

Deep End Ledge

Adding a small sitting ledge in the deep end is perfect for relaxing or helping kids who are still getting comfortable with their swimming skills. It becomes a go to spot while treading water and becomes a quick exit point for re-entering the current cannonball competition.

Convenience Features

Automatic Fill Canister

Utilizing an automatic fill canister, you never have to refill your own pool water again. The system is buried parallel to the pool surface and incorporates a float system that matched the level of your spa all summer. When your water drops low, the connected water line is opened from a valve and water enters the spa.  It is a mechanical system with no electronics without incurring costs to maintain a perfect water level. The system gets winterized before the freezing temperatures hit, so the spa can be run all winter long. 

Sand Filter

While it’s not toted as a feature, this pool was built for biggest bang for the buck. Sand Filters remain a reliable and economical way to keep your pool clean. For families who don’t mind a little backwash maintenance and enjoy keeping their pool clean.