Waterfront Reflections

Waterfront Reflections
Waterfront Reflections In-Ground Pool

The Project: Creating a well-balanced mix of tranquility and reflection where your troubles wash away

The Result: This is a gorgeous rectangular gunite pool with a soothing pebble finish that’s situated perfectly on the property. While lounging in their in-ground pool, our homeowners enjoy the sounds of the calming waves from the lake and take in the myriad of colors provided by nature. This home and well-appointed pool house (that’s nice enough to be considered a main residence!) were built upon the shores of Lake Ontario, NY. The pool was constructed in a way that the horizon is visible from every angle, so our homeowners can enjoy their quiet nights at home, just unwinding from the day and soaking in the serene sights and sounds of their dream home.

The Place to Reflect

  • Custom designed in-ground pool
  • Easy transition steps
  • Tanning ledge
  • Underwater lighting
  • Pebble finish

Design Features

Timeless Design

Most early in-ground residential swimming pools were constructed rectangular because of the practicality and aesthetics. The design has stood the test of time. Pools of this shape are perfect for swimming laps or lounging in the sun.

Pebble Finish

A pebble finish is an excellent touch for any pool. It provides stunning beauty and allows the sunlight to dance off the top of the water.

Underwater Lighting

Nothing sets the mood for night swimming or relaxing under the stars as underwater LED lighting. This system brings the pool to life at night and allows you to control the shades and intensity.

Convenience Features

Tanning Ledge

You no longer have to get out of the pool to get the perfect tan. This pool is complete with its own tanning ledge, where people can relax and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. Or it makes an excellent spot to help kids who are still learning how to swim.

Pentair Pool Heater

Pool heaters are vital if you want to extend your swimming season and increase your pool use. In New York, this means adding a few additional months of fun each year. These heaters contain titanium immersed heating elements that reach an astounding 96% efficiency.

Quiet Pump

Pentair makes their pool pumps with the tranquility of the water in mind. This pump efficiently keeps your water flowing and clean while producing very little noise. It’s so quiet that you’ll forget it’s there, allowing you to listen to the sounds of the birds and waves as you watch the sunrise over the lake.