Zen Garden Pool and Spa

Zen Garden Pool and Spa

The Project: Bringing the resort feeling of a tropical vacation to your back yard

The Escape: This moonlit garden pool and spa is a zen escape for night or day. Experience the sound and feel of water, surrounded by the lush colors and scents of a garden while you float in a pool, relax in a spa, or just recline at night and watch the stars. You may not be able to visit the Caribbean every year, but we can certainly help bring the Caribbean to you.

Making Dreams Come True

  • Custom designed in-ground pool
  • Waterfall feature
  • Easy transition step ledge
  • Tanning ledge
  • Underwater lighting
  • Automatic cover
  • Planned pumphouse
  • Easy pet entry

The Details

Design Features

Small Footprint

The small footprint allows for gorgeous patio space for family entertaining or just sitting quietly and relaxing, as well as for plenty of greenery that comes right up to the edge of the pool.

Automatic Cover

The autocover keeps both pool and spa protected from any garden leaves, flower petals, and dirt, as well as from any other windblown or rainstorm mess.

Remote Pumphouse

The peaceful retreat will never be ruined by the hum and whirl of pool equipment — the remote pumphouse keeps the mechanical noise away from your quiet oasis.

Convenience Features

Pet Entry

The easy-step ledge works for adults and kids, but also lets your furry friends cool off in summer as well.

Tanning Ledge

Lay on the tanning ledge while you listen to the lullaby of the waterfall, bask in the daytime sun, or watch the stars at night.

Underwater Lighting

The warm purple glow will showcase and enhance your pool features, making your backyard more beautiful and your evening swims more relaxing.