Precision Pool and Spa

News What is a Spool?


Spool, or a Small Pool, is a smaller pool design created as a solution to having a swimming pool fit for a small backyard or limited space. While it was originally designed as the solution to fit into small yard, Spools are quickly becoming the hottest trend for any size yard and small families.

While they can be customized to any size, they would typically be 10-16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide. They are much smaller than in-ground swimming pool, but nearly twice the length of an average spa.

What options are there?

Spa Spool – The natural build out of this space is to make sure it isn’t just a pool but also a spa. Ideal for homes in the Northeastern part of the country, a combination build can be enjoyed year round.  Cool and refreshing during the hot months while a heater turns it into a large in-ground hot tub that can fit 15 people or more.

Lap Spool – Take a small pool and add powerful pump designed for making current and you have yourself the perfect lap pool. Swim against the current for the perfect fitness solution.

Bar Spool – Space is limited in the backyard, this makes the ultimate addition to a custom outdoor kitchen. Custom seating solutions and countertop edging will give you the best place to relax and enjoy a few cocktails.